Get back your SPACE, time, and peace of mind! I promise to leave your space REJUVENATED and Organized with a system you can maintain. Mary Carney


Often, a person feeling overwhelmed with physical clutter can flourish when offered non-judgmental organizational systems. We can help you release habits and physical objects that no longer serve you!

Garage & Storage

Maximize every square inch! Your space is precious. Keep all that is important to you with my help.


Want to cook on auto-pilot? Reach into the right drawer or cabinet every time!

Office Spaces

Your time is precious! Let’s get rid of the distractions so you can do your thing.

Craft & Play Rooms

Want more creative power? It starts with a blank canvas and respectful but easy access to your toys.

Food Storage

Let’s tackle your refrigerator and pantry. Start eating healthier and stop wasting food!


Find your new style within the chaos. A freshly squeezed closet makes room for the new you!

Imagine What You Could Accomplish If Your Space Were Organized!

Spaces Decluttered

Satisfied Clients

About Mary

I am a wife and mother of five.  I have to admit that I haven’t always been an organized person, but I have learned through the years that organization is essential to survive with busy lifestyles.

My experience began cleaning houses and helping my customers feel in control of their household with a clean home.  I started implementing simple organizing ideas, and each week I would hear how it would save them so much time because they knew where to find or put a particular item.  A lightbulb went on and I realized I like to clean but LOVE to organize! I could help so many people with areas that are creating stress in their lives with my organizational ideas.  As a result, I started SPACE!

I am a big believer that every SPACE is unique and every customer’s taste is different.  I like to use what storage options the client already has on hand to help save on costs, however, I also want to use the right supplies for the project and will customize it to fit your needs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email, phone, social links, or the contact form here on the website.  I would love to hear from you!        

My work in your home remains confidential (unless you want me to share it.)

letting go of physical and mental clutter, clears the mind and soul

The hardest part is picking up the phone and asking for help.

Starting Rates

$45 per hr | 3-hour minimum

Rate is inclusive of travel and parking within 25 mile radius of Wichita, KS. Larger jobs requiring trash haul off and extra hands.

Reclaim Your Space

from Chaos to Calm

I work with you to develop a plan that aligns with your lifestyle and your budget. Let me help you get organized and create the life you want! 





​​STAGING/UNPACKING: When you are ready to sell, we help declutter and simplify the areas of your home to help showcase the property.  Moving? Let us take the stress away with our unpacking services and get your new SPACE in perfect order.

​DOWNSIZING: Assist individuals in the editing and paring down process for their new SPACE.

CUSTOMIZED GIFT BASKETS: (popular organizing products that are displayed beautifully in a decor basket with gift certificate) FOR ANY OCCASION (housewarming, bday, thank you, etc)

From Mary’s Clients

I can’t thank Mary enough! Her organizational skills were much needed and so appreciated! It feels so great to be organized!!

I want to thank Mary Carney again! I absolutely love my new kitchen space that you helped me with. I enjoy meal prep and cooking like I never thought I would. Everything is so handy and neat.

This service was such a treat! Mary goes above and beyond with her talents. How she made space and took out three shelves is beyond me, but it is all fabulous. Then she tackled my garage with twenty years of treasures. It actually echoes in there now. A true miracle with that, too! If you are feeling like organizing and you think it is hopeless, JUST DO IT! Call Mary! Your life will be different and so much better after you do!!!

Mary reorganized our kitchen and did a fabulous job!  It makes things so much easier when you have a clutter free workspace. Thanks so much Mary!!!!🥰🥰🥰 

Mary is a hard worker who moves quickly to maximize her service to her customers. Her organizing skills and design sense give fresh life to daily routines in the home. Highly recommend!!

Mary provided not only great organization to my world, but also provided ideas for me to continue. Not only organized in kitchen pantry & cabinets but refrigerator AND FREEZER too. Highly HIGHLY recommend you contacting her to get introduced to a better way of functioning, especially after a crazy 2020!

Ready to Rejuvenate Your Space?


Complimentary 30-minute phone consultation in which we will discuss the concerned SPACE and the new goals for the area.

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