The hotel sales manager is mainly responsible for getting more guests to the hotel. The guests are the primary source of income for the hotel. The revenue increases with the number of guests. The manager has to use different strategies to get more guests. They have to work as a team with the seniors and juniors to get out maximum work. The staffs are the people getting in contact with the guests directly. The owner of the hotel can only give the goals to the manager. The manager has to set sales goals, plan, or sales promotions and train the staff correctly.

Off-Season Sales

Providing all the comforts to the guests and also creating income are the primary duties of the manager. The staff has to be committed to the guests and make them come back again, remembering the hospitality. Selling techniques vary for peak season and off season. In the off season, the room rates reduce as there are not many guests. Personal interest is given to the guests for increasing their comforts in the off season. Many people prefer to go for vacations in off-seasons as there are a lot of discounts. The price of the rooms can be decided according to the competitive rates of the region.

Plan the Strategies For Sales

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The salespeople have to understand the hotel industry trends well to plan the strategies. Strategies depend on the type of hotel, the geographical location of the hotel, the climatic condition of the region, and the facilities provided in the hotel as well. A hotel sales manager is educated about planning such strategies. He has to consider many points before planning. Not only families stay here, but there are many events also organized. The hotel sales manager should have contacts with the event manager to know more about the local calendar events. Organizers take space for the event, and also rooms are booked for the people to stay.

Group Bookings Are Effective

Group sales work out well and give good revenue. The event manager has to be given some perks to encourage him to get more guests for the next event. Building mutual and beneficial relationships with the event planners would give out good results. Group bookings are sufficient and are thriving. Having direct contact with the planners would avoid any mediators. The hotel should have a perfectly planned space for organizing meetings or parties. The facilities should be highlighted in the videos and photos to attract people.

Past events can be captured and highlighted attractively in the reception to show the guests. Any important meeting with celebrities or stars can be recorded to show the guests. The hotel sales manager has to plan well about the floor plan. He has to convince the owner of the hotel about the facilities to be provided to the guests. Mainly the people organizing the events should not have any complaints. If they are satisfied, there would be more events in the future. My hospitality sales pro provides the perfect manager to suit hotel sales.