There are many restaurants in urban areas. But only some of them are flocked by people.  Though there are restaurants giving tasty food with lesser price there are not many customers. The restaurant owners have no other choice but to boost the sales. To get more profit in restaurant sales and a Hotel Sales Manager is a must.  There are many ways followed by marketing executives to get more sales and customers to the restaurant.

Here are some of the tips:

The Customers Are Promoters: If the customers are served and treated well by the staff then they remain loyal to the restaurant. Some of the customer’s phone numbers can be stored. The staff can have a brief conversation with them reminding about their last visit or previous orders. This freshens up the mind of the customers and they feel valued. Regular customers are always the best promoters for the restaurant. They try to bring their friends and relatives and thus increase sales.

Upselling: Here the restaurant staff has to take up the initiative to encourage customers to buy more items. The staff should have a good rapport with the customers to convince them for buying more. They can be offered with a sample for taste to encourage them.


Table Turnover Rate: In some restaurants, there are many customers waiting for their turn. Some of them get irritated and may return without eating. The staff and the workers should speed up in work to clean and reset the tables to bring in waiting customers.

Through Social Media: The people connect themselves through social media.  Restaurant sales and Hotel Sales Manager is an art. The restaurants put up information about the restaurant timings, the menu for the day, the price of the items and offers of the day. There should be constantly updating so that the customers will try to look into the information anxiously.

More Offers: During festival times there should be more discounts and offers. There are restaurants offering buy one and get one free to increase the sales. If the restaurant is selling liquors also they may provide this offer to encourage the customers. Some working days the sales are less and here more offers can be given to bring in many people.

Online Ordering: There are many people who cannot go to the restaurant. Such people try to order online. Such orders cannot be neglected as many of the people are these days ordering online.

 Smaller plates:  The people are more conscious about the health and their personality. They try to less quantity and good quality food. The restaurant can mention the recipes with their fat, protein and sugar contents. This helps the customers to decide about their intakes.

Host Events: There are many restaurants organizing comedy nights, performances and karaoke nights. By good advertisements, the customers can be informed about the events.  The number of incoming people increases and many people get to know about the restaurant.  These advertisements are restaurant sales and Hotel Sales Manager techniques. My hospitality Sales Pro improves the number of customers coming to the restaurant.