You want people to come to places and enjoy the comfort of your hotels and their facilities, but you can’t decide which statistics to trust. Neither can any agency, nor the internet seems to know any solution. This kind of leadership team can guide you how to reach your targeted clients and convert them.

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Background on My Hospitality Sales Pro

My hospitality Sales Pro .L.L.C., is a comprehensive Sales Leadership and Management Initiative that specializes in consulting hotel and training of personnel.

Their sales philosophy is founded on a well-tempered quest of income earning opportunities. Their multidimensional approach is substantiated by the appropriate mentoring and the creation of .S.M.A.R.T. sales and marketing plans of action that are ideally suited to your hotel, your targeted market, and domain of requirement.

Aim of the team

They focus on the perfect chances for sagacious revenue growth, which also will sustain for a long time. The people on their roster have proven it time and again their mettle in sales marketing hotel and their acumen in analysis of markets as well as mentoring of both novices and high-level professionals, ensuring that everyone gets to achieve and even outdo their set goals.

What they believe

They have come up with a progressive way in going about sales of hospitality- which they have termed as synergistic sales. They believe that when something is synergistic, it entails that all parts of the machine are working in coordination to produce accentuated results. That leads us to the phrase, more than the sum of its parts. When synergistic components work together, they perform better than they would do in isolation. That said, things would be a lot easier if a dynamic duo with their area of expertise, working in synchronized unison.

Success stories of M.H.S.P.

This firm has spent a lot of time in gaining the confidence and faith of different customers. Recently a customer contacted them to seek a solution of his lodging needs near Oklahoma City market. Using their famed Hustle approach, within a couple of hours, they were presented with a multi-paged proposal. They also comprehend the basics involved in sales techniques for finding clients in your backyard, through their idea of no fear selling. A straightforward tweak resulted in finding 21 feasible clients. Beautiful things happen for people in pairs.

A dynamic M.H.S.P. duo closed a 500,000$ account in a couple of days. Their team endeavored to reach to Savannah GA, representing three hotels, unearthing 250,000$ in new forms of revenue that they were unaware of. They were successful in doing the presales operation of an 80 room hotel in their vicinity, which generated quite a lot of positive buzz. Hilton Hotel was acknowledged as the best in competitor account acquisition of 350,000$ with. M.H.S.P.’s leadership and mentoring program.

About the Founder

Christine Ronning is the founder of the management firm and is an experienced sales professional after having worked for different companies like Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, La Quinta, and Carlson. Her vision for the company was to be an outlet for companies and owners to furnish them with proven sales techniques that were sure to increase their revenue.

They offer a conglomeration of different techniques that would place them at a clear competitive edge over their market contemporaries, which would eventually result in increased sales and revenue. Ronning has the skill to impart mentorship to novices and high-level professionals while believing in aggressive marketing policies. With proper interaction and mediation, it is assured that you will have a better understanding of how the clientele works and how to ask the correct questions.

About the Author

According to the author, My Sales Hospitality Pro is a specialized firm that stands by what it preaches. Their aggressive policies make them one of the different management firms in the market. Their professionals in sales marketing hotel through their targeted approach have found out a solution to every problem; sometimes, they anticipate the question to come up with a resolution early.