Enter into a partnership with hotels from other areas

If you are a hotel at a destination area, you can always enter into partnerships with the hotel from other destination areas. In that way, when guests come to them, they can put a kind word for you and send guests packing to your doorstep. It will work well in increasing your hotel sales.

This is based on mutual trust and goodwill. Make sure you do the same for your counterparts as well. You can always substantiate your word of mouth with a lucrative commission as a gesture of goodwill. In this way, your revenue increases. It is the win-win situation for both the parties agreeing to it. Many hotel booking applications come with software that displays your calendar enabling people to book their hotels without having to leave their desk.

Be a hotel that throws parties

Get the natives involved if you want to increase the hype surrounding your hotel. The locals hold the key to a barrage of referrals for visiting tourists seeking shelter in a foreign land. So hosting a party for the natives at your hotel can be of insane advantage to you. Just remember one thing, you shouldn’t go all out to advertise or campaign.

Maybe a passing mentions of your establishment to the party and probably asks them to send guests to your place if they are looking for a place to crash. Leave your business cards on strategic venues and call photographers and click pictures of people having a gala time and post it on social media.

Offer free nights

Offering free nights can go a long way in increasing your hotel sales. An empty room in a hotel is an opportunity relinquished to earn revenue. A guest occupying an empty room at the last moment is only going to bring you an insignificant amount of money. It is not the worst of ideas to keep tabs on a horde of celebrities, or influential people or travel agents with some sway over people in your region. You can offer a local advertising agency a free night in return for free promotion on their pages.

Advertise on a local newspaper

Once you can start with a local newspaper, you can always move forward with more prominent newspapers with even more significant publicity. When the market is down and recession is the trend and gas prices are skyrocketing, you might chance upon these situations again. Many people like to make a list of their regular customers so that when there is a cancellation, there is no problem with filling up of vacancies. You can stay in touch with these clients through their social media profiles. Even though that won’t increase your revenue that will undoubtedly shore up your reputation as a leading establishment.

Networking also helps a lot in enhancing your revenue

Send your best regents, at parties and social gatherings so that they can promote your business in the subtlest of ways. A little passing mention and people will already be asking them in details about your hotel. People at the party, once they are taken in by the idea of your hotel and what makes it unique are going to take the details and pass it on to friends and colleagues. Send your brightest and smartest salesperson. Only a guy who has the capabilities of starting conversations and thinking instantaneously can be of help. You don’t want a nervous guy canvassing for you. Not a good build up for your image.

With the rapid boost of technology, hospitality services are no way behinds. They have witnessed a growth in their business. Most of the hotel who have made good use of the technology is way ahead than its counterparts.

Make sure you have followed every point that is there in this article to take your hotel business to the next level. One of the best ways which can guide you with your hotel sales business is My Hospitality Sales Pro. Get connected to them and help your business to grow in no time.

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