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Has your revenue growth escalator stopped before reaching the top? Are you stuck…and getting nowhere? It’s time for YOU to take the final steps to the top with aggressive Sales & Marketing skills. Without YOUR efforts you will stay “stuck” right where you are.

No Longer are we in the days of “build your hotel and the business will come”. Competition is heavy out there, your sales efforts need to be strategic. Following “No “FEAR” Selling” will get you to the top faster!

“FEAR” of social settings & public speaking is ranked before “FEAR” of death? We all have common sales fears weather it is rejection of the sale, making that telemarketing call, asking for the business or just striking up that initial conversation at an event. “No “FEAR” Selling” brings you back to the basics, using classic sales steps that are proven to increase revenues.

Quarter One Sales Tips

F – Find the Revenue Opportunities
The best place to grow your revenues is understanding the guests currently staying at your hotel, engage in strategic conversations with them asking why they are staying and where they are working. There may be many more vendors working on the same project or you may find a new destination in your market that you can focus on growing your hotel brand awareness with.

E – Evaluate Your Clients Needs
Today’s Travel Managers are very savvy, research the company via the internet prior to setting your “Evaluation” appointment with them. Be prepared with what the company does, the size of the company, where the headquarter office is and their divisions.

The more you know about your clients needs and wants, the less likely you will leave valuable revenue on the table. Do your best to have that “Evaluation” conversation prior to them seeing your hotel!

A – Ask & Accommodate
NOW…get the client to your hotel , “home field advantage” ! After you have a full understanding of their business, invite them for a tour of your facility and be sure to present the features that pertain to their business and how it will benefit them. Once you have offered your rate, simply ASK them if you can have their business.

R – Resolve Objections
If your new opportunity says “no”, now is the time to “ACT “. “A” ask them if there was something the hotel is not offering or something you missed, you need to have a full understanding as to why they will not use your hotel. Once you fully understand, “C” communicate a solution to their objection and finally “T” thank them for the opportunity and “ASK” them for their business again.

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