The main responsibility of the hotel sales manager is to bring in the guests and improve the profit margin of the hotel. In this position, the individual should be a team player. He has work from top management staff with the low menial workers to get the work done. A lot of communication skills bring success to this position. Sometimes training the people in his team becomes his responsibility. He has to work in the marketing and the sales department. Whether it is a large or a small hotel the responsibility of bringing in the guest is the same. Interpersonal skills, sales, marketing and management of the finances of the hotel are some of the responsibilities of the manager.

Manage Hotel Accounts and Loyal Customer Base

Potential clients are at contact always with the sales manager. He has to manage the accounts of the hotel and manage the loyal customer base. Marketing and sales strategies are to be looked after to bring more sales. The duties and responsibilities of the hotel sales manager:

  • Makes more reforms for getting a bigger client base.
  • Develop more advertising and promoting materials.
  • Oversees distribution of the marketing materials
  • Analyze the present client base and target more clients.
  • Reaches out to the event managers organizing events or conferences
  • Makes business trips to meet companies to explain about the amenities of the hotel.
  • Give discounts for the groups organizing frequently in the hotel.
  • Manage accounts of the clients with a high profile.
  • Involves and resolves the issues about marketing and sales.
  • Keeps watching on the needs of the clients until they stay in the hotel.
  • Maintain a good relationship with the clients to encourage more bookings.


All the works in the hotel or outside the hotel has to be organized well to get good feedback from the customers. Communication and customer service skills have to be excellent at the hotel sales manager. Traveling may become inevitable for establishing or maintaining client networks. Creativity and thinking analytically should come naturally to get into the job. He should establish a good network with old clients and also create a new client network to increase the number of clients. Leadership skills have to be strong as he has to control the staff and the workers. Communicating with the workers and staff clearly and effectively brings out a lot of potentials.

Get Positive Results as Good Team Player

There are many types of people whom he has to interact with for getting more clients and getting out the work from the workers. A Hotel Sales manager should be a good team player to bring out positive results in sales. A bachelor`s degree in hotel management would be the qualification required for this position. He has to get the official work done by the staff and also look into the workers of the hotel to get along with the guests staying in the hotel. In bigger hotels, there may be more people in the hotel for different jobs and the hotel sales manager has to just supervise their work. But in a small or medium-sized hotel, the responsibility of this position is more and he has to do the job literally. My hospitality sales pro give the best professionals suiting to any particular hotel.