There are many strategies to be followed to get more occupancy to the hotel. The size, condition, features, facilities, amenities, state where the hotel is situated, and the country are the main factors to be considered for forming perfect strategies for marketing. The sales marketing hotel techniques change from one hotel to another. The manager has to look into every condition of the hotel and decide which strategy needs to follow to get more customers. Direct sales or online marketing techniques have to be used to increase the revenue of the hotel. Whether the hotel is a new one or an old one, marketing has to continue to retain the customers.

Good Website

Sales Marketing Hotel

A website is a must for every business these days. Hotels surely need to have a safe and user-friendly website. People do not like to depend on mediators. They wish to book hotel rooms on the site. The site should be mobile, smartphone, and tablet friendly.

SEO Ranking

The website needs to host in popular search engines. They should have a good SEO ranking to be visible for the visitors in the first page. Good content with relevant keyword combinations gives more chances for the website to get a good ranking. The keywords have to be combined with strong secondary words like the name of the local district to be recognized by the search engine.


Sales marketing hotel exclusive offers or facilities would attract the customers. Festive discounts or offers would attract more customers from other regions. Highlights about the local events on the website would remind the customers to attend it.

Local Tourist Office

Giving advertisements like printing flyers and distributing it would attract many tourists. Convention and exhibition centers are the places where people look for accommodation. Promoting the hotel with the local marketing and event companies by giving some package deals or offers would be very fruitful.

Promote Through Agents

Travel agencies and travel brokers can generate more business to the hotels. They take some commission for such bookings. During off-season periods, such bookings would be helpful to get more revenue. Other than direct sales, these bookings through agents would give additional sales.

Global Distribution System

It is a network of travel service providers and travel agencies. When the hotel connects to GDS, it is automatically attached to travel agencies all over the world. Here transactions are automated, and thus booking would be informed online.

Sales Representatives

Appointing experienced sales representatives would help in getting more contacts from the local and international markets. These contacts may turn into customers to increase hotel sales.

The sales marketing hotel is a huge business. Small or big hotels are dependent on these sales. Old customers need to retain, and new customers have to get targeted to do more business. Communication plays a vital role in the hospitality business. Brushing up the sales in the off-season and advertising for sales help to get more customers. Hosting events for the local people would help get local guests. My hospitality Sales Pro helps in the marketing of hotels in different ways.