Role of a Hotel Sales Manager

In plain and simple words, the job of a hotel sales manager is to increase the sales of a hotel employing various useful techniques. He is the one who is supposed to foster the revenue earned by the hotel during both peak and bad seasons. A sales manager can use the methods of direct sales, proper marketing, and directly contacting the leads to generate more revenues for his hotel.

He needs to implement the correct strategies that can attract more customers to his hotel. Many areas can score some perfect opportunities to increase sales; he needs to identify them wisely. Apart from this, it is also his job to guide the sales team of the hotel. He should emphasize on every member of the team to ensure that they are growing positively. Their skills should be recognized correctly, and they should be groomed accordingly.

Hotel sales manager

The qualities that can help a hotel sales manager score very high

  • Listen carefully before you reply

This quality surely holds a significant value in designing your career graph as a hotel sales manager. A sales manager of a hotel is subject to unlimited conversations with clients on one end and the crew of the hotel at the other. He has to deal with umpteen prospective clients daily and convince them to be a part of the hotel’s guest list. It is his convincing power that will draw in a reasonable amount of revenue.

But before convincing the clients with his words, he needs to listen to them carefully. You must be attentive towards the tone and the questions asked by your clients and answer back accordingly. The same sound does not work for everybody; neither each client shots the same question. So you need to address the person in front very conveniently.

It will also be applicable for the crew working in your hotel. Listen to their questions nicely and answer them all so that they are equally ready to take on the questions coming from the client’s end.

  • Bounce back every time you fall off

This quality is the key to success in every course of life. You cannot win back all the lost battles in your life for sure, but you can stay positive and bounce back from all the odd situations. It will help you to concentrate better in your job and in turn, will help your hotel grow. There will be bad days at work, and you will have to march forward in shedding off the disappointments.

You will miss out on many good deals, and there will be customers who will disappoint you at the last moment. But that does not mean the end of everything as you can surely try harder and crack great deals. This time may be better than the previous one you lost.

  • Churn out some creativity

Customers love to witness creativity in the hotels they visit. Add your personal touch to everything which can attract the customers. Let them feel that you have customized certain services, especially for them. It is only then they will prefer you over others in the race of hotels.

Each client is different from the other and has some different set of preferences. If you can read their minds and churn out some creativity for them, then they will surely love it.

  • Learn about your competitors

A common saying goes, by that keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Similarly, in the case of hotels, there is a cut-throat competition going on in the market which you need to understand pretty well to survive. Learn about the exceptional services provided by your competitors and think of some hacks to them that you can apply to your hotel.

These are some of the essential traits that distinguish a successful Hotel Sales Manager from his competitors. You should try to teach them in yourself to win the race. My Hospitality Sales Pro can help you out with the best consultation that can help you grow and become successful as a hotel sales manager.

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