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Relationships & Hustle

My Hospitality Sales Pro (MHSP) has spent many years building confidence, trust, and loyalty with many lodging partners! A loyal client recently reached out to MHSP regarding lodging needs in the Oklahoma City market. Using the “HUSTLE” approach, within 2 hours of the initial request, the client had a full-color, multi-page presentation/rate proposal (designed by MHSP) in their grasp as well as a Direct Bill Application, Meeting Room Diagram, and Break item Pricing sheet along with suggested area catering menus for the group’s meals. MHSP is aware of the fierce competition that we are faced with daily in our industry and teaches the “HUSTLE” approach to closing the business in a timely, skillful manner. As a result, this organization was closed the very next morning resulting in an estimated revenue of $10,000+.


Back to Basics - No FEAR Selling

My Hospitality Sales Pro (MHSP) understands the fundamentals involved in the BASIC sales techniques for finding business opportunities within your backyard market and teaches this through “No FEAR Selling”. One simple technique resulted in a brand new hotel ramping up and finding 21 viable leads associated with one of their area competitor hotels to pursue that included: 3 Corporate Meetings, 4 Multi-date Corporate Training Opportunities, 3 Corporate websites listing area hotels, 10 Annual Sporting Events, and 1 Area Festival.



The best things do come in pairs! My Hospitality Sales Pro AMAZING duo team closed a $500,000 account in just two days! The team got back to the basics, working the backyard with grassroots aggressive sales efforts to identify a PERFECT piece of base business for a brand new hotel opening! The team met the client via a backyard sales blitz on a Monday; the account was evaluated and asked the right questions, identifying it as a very profitable piece of business! After a great hard hat tour, the deal was signed and closed on Tuesday! With less than 14 days to opening the hotel, what a great way to kick off by having a guaranteed $40,000 on the books for the first month and every month to follow bringing in $500K annual for the hotel! Kudos to the dynamic MHSP Sales Team duo that found this marvelous piece of business!


No Tricks...just Treats - Halloween Blitz

My Hospitality Sales Pro’s team successfully took on Savannah GA, representing three hotels, uncovering $250,000 plus in viable new hotel revenue!

The team used their skills to identify valid suspects and new accounts by market driven vertical segments. They used grass roots back yard strategies.”The key is to have a smart plan of attack,” said Williamson, who provided an organized, “mapped and loaded” blitz plan! Each team member was centralized on his or her own area of expertise by market segment. This proved successful by ensuring an appropriate pace is spent by prioritizing for future revenue!


Patience, Persistence and Consistency is Key to Success

A new focus service hotel is developed on the fringe of a high-demand market in North Dallas. The immediate market has every hotel brand and 80% of the supply is less than 6 years old. MHSP worked diligently through all channels to get this property included in the annual RFP for an account that brings in 30,000 annual room nights into the immediate market. The brand has been denied inclusion. After a year of patiently, persistently, and consistently pursuing this account, a breakthrough occurs! MHSP successfully closes a preferred hotel partnership with one of the areas leading city spend account.


Eblast leads to $35,000 in revenue

An 80 room new focus-service hotel is celebrating their grand opening. MHSP has been involved for the last two months, doing presales for the hotel and generating excitement in the market. A series of eblasts have been sent to area business leaders and grabs the attention of a Regional Grocery Store chain that will be expanding into the immediate area within the year. MHSP pursues the lead by establishing a locally negotiated rate and communicating with the client on a regular basis to establish a relationship. When the time comes to secure rooms for their opening and training crews, the hotel profits over $35,000 in revenue over a 2 month period.


Hilton Hotel Captured the #1 Competitor Account

Hilton hotel captured the #1 competitor account worth $350,000 in 3 days with MHSP’s Sales LEADERSHIP and TRAINING program! A two-year-old Hilton branded hotel recently hired a new DOS and GM.  After 30 days of formal training and strategy building with MHSP’s team, new revenue opportunities were identified and closed! The team strategies looked at every opportunity, breaking it down to the basics, including the simple process of making sure proper access to RFP’s, business case /qualifier building and the correct notifications were set up. This process uncovered three large local accounts previously declined for the upcoming year. With direct sales efforts, the team was able to re-opened these opportunities and get the hotel accepted as a preferred to generate new revenues!

MHSP requires HANDS ON / IN MARKET training, targeting real accounts and real revenue!  One of the team’s top Sales Professional conducted the mandatory in market hands on training and blitz programs after the 30 day formal training. Target Accounts were established, and the strategy was in place!  On day two at 10:30 am they met with the top producing account in the market, set up a site tour that same day and closed the business that afternoon! This beautiful Hilton hotel opened in the market 2 years prior, previous sales and operations had not even identified the account as a target for the hotel. MHSP’s experienced team knew where to look and how to capture this account estimated at $350,000 for the hotel!!


Revenues Doubled

Management Company doubles their revenue with a Short Term Booking of $12,000! Ask the right questions to identify MORE revenue for your hotel! MHSP’s team supplements Sales for a Management Company with a Marriott and IHG hotel within the same parking lot. Working from the top level to ensure maximum revenues are identified for both hotels, our Sales Professionals are constantly cross selling to ensure revenues are captured for the management company. A great last-minute group opportunity worth $6,000 for the upcoming 2 days was identified for only one of the hotels. MHSP’s team is experienced and always qualifies every opportunity for more revenue! The right questions were asked, and it uncovered there was also a great opportunity for the management company’s sister hotel. The other hotel was professionally presented comparable rates to capture a short term booking totaling $12,000 for the management company!

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