An empty seat in your hotel possibly means lost income. There are lots of professionals who help in removing that risk with their expertise and immediate practical efforts. Basically, the hospitality task force provides a temporary solution to help hotels and hotel management companies fill open sales or operations positions in a quick, cost-effective manner. Depending on your need, the professionals are available for time frames from weeks to months. These producers are ready to book business for you and lead your team to great success!

Hospitality task force

Task Force operations have come into their own in the last few years to provide steadiness in hotel and resort operations. A task force contractor fills the void in staffing caused by never-ending executive turnover or staffing voids created when a hotel or resort changes brands.

Task force operators can put fresh eyes on an operation, provide quick fixes, and bring not only revenue proposals but potential cost reduction ideas also. Their role is to provide business to your hotel or hotel portfolio, keeping hotel revenue flowing and maintaining departmental morale during a time of transition.

Finding the right team member for your hotel or any other business when turnover happens can be an exercise in wasting time or money. Ensure that the task force incorporates all expert professionals handling all the works efficiently. A task force is often essential when the project involves complex issues, or when solutions will require organizational change. In this way, you can now complete the works at your ease featuring the smarter approaches.

When is taskforce needed?

Task Force Consultants are needed only when turnover or staffing voids arise as a result of hotel or resort management changes, hotel openings, hotel takeovers, or as additional staffing for a short period of time. Task Force adds value for the hotel and thus the owner finds ample time to find a permanent candidate with qualified credentials to fill the vacant position. You can thus comprehend how a task force brings in all positive aspects of your business.

What is the role of task force manager?

  • They provide professional and courteous service at all times.
  • Manages assigned sales staff:  hiring, terminations, disciplinary actions, performance evaluations, and development.
  • Participates and leads the rate and catalog enterprises, including but not limited to participating in franchise revenue management service.
  • Meets and maintains a relationship with individuals and contacts in order to produce groups and/or agreements. It includes a guest room, meeting space, services and Catering/Banquet sales for both the groups.
  • Buys and places all hotel advertising within the guidelines and budgetary requirements as stated in the annual marketing plan and budget.
  • Schedules group rooms, agreements, and business group activities at the hotel.
  • Develops and maintains departmental budgets.
  • Develops and maintains client files.
  • Develops and implements sales and marketing strategies.
  • Works with the Convention and Visitors Bureau to control dates, convenience, and rates.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with media contacts in order to maintain public relations effort.
  • Conducts and attend weekly sales meetings.  Interviews, hires, trains and evaluates all sales personnel as required.
  • Completes projects as determined by the General Manager.

They attend civic meetings confirming a positive relationship with area decision and opinion leaders including but not limited to, local chamber, convention and visitors bureau, rotary etc. They bring together different skills and ideas.

Importance of Finding Consultants

Consultants collaborate with the hotel and hotel management or possession group, working as a complete leadership team bringing inconsistency during this hotel transition period. The task force is specially organized to aid in hotel property brand transitions, new hotel openings, and bank receiverships.

The team arrives together, stays as long as needed, and brings the culture and processes of your company and hotel to aid in successful transitions. And the hospitality task force assists in recruiting new hotel staff and developing the total hotel teams’ processes along with standard operating procedures. My Hospitality Sales Pro helps you to recruit all skilled professionals ensuring that you enhance the overall business opportunities. In this way, you can now manage all the hotel works in the right way.

My Hospitality Sales Pro brings in all the best solutions and you can now feel confident knowing that you are in the right place.